Frequently Asked Questions

What is Candidate Seeker?

Is Candidate Seeker a type of "spamming"?

Why is Candidate Seeker more effective than newspaper help wanted advertising? 

Why is Candidate Seeker more effective than Job Ad Web Sites?

Why don't newspaper ads and job hunting web sites work? 

Can Candidate Seeker employ the pro-activeness of the recruiting professional while maintaining a price point close to or less than traditional newspaper classified advertising?

How does Candidate Seeker Work?

What kinds of job candidates does Candidate Seeker recruit most successfully?

List Candidate Seeker advantages over newspaper classified advertising.

How much does it cost?

What are Candidate Seeker's Terms Of Service?

How do I open an account?

How do I place a help-wanted advertisement?

How to I get a copy of my username and password?

How do I determine the keywords or phrases that best isolate the type of professional I am seeking.

What kind of response to ads can I expect?

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