CandidateSeeker.comís  patented process has revolutionized candidate sourcing.  Our process makes the job posting boards obsolete.  Posting is such a passive activity.  You post the job opportunity and wait for responses.  Successful recruiters and employers know that when it comes to finding candidates, passive process are ineffective. 

At we make your process active.  When you place an advertisement on our system, we will scour one of the world's largest resume databases for candidates that match your requirements.  Then does what no other company can do.  We email a help-wanted advertisement to all matching prospects.  Candidates who would like to be considered for the position must respond to the Advertisement.  Most interested candidates supply a current copy of their resume. delivers responses from interested candidates that want to hear back from you. also saves you invaluable time by eliminating

responses from prospects that are not interested.  By focusing your advertisement and sending it only to those candidates that exhibit the qualities you are looking for; we reduce the amount of responses from unqualified candidates. Our advertisements have a friendly tone to them.  Opening paragraph:

Your professional profile, which has on file, indicates you may have experience or know someone with experience relevant to the following position. I was hoping you might be interested or be willing to forward this email to an associate who could benefit from this opportunity.'s advertisements ask for referrals.  Often, we send an advertisement to someone who is not looking to change positions but they know a friend or coworker who is.  Over 5% of the ads we send out get forwarded to other qualified candidates.  In many cases, these candidates have never put their resumes or credentials on the Internet -- the candidates that, in the past, were almost impossible to uncover. 

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